In different cultures worldwide, it is among the rituals to bury the dead person. Coffins and caskets are mostly used items for a funeral. A lot of people do not know how to choose a coffin or casket and are looking for some guidance over the internet. I am here to help you in this matter. We see that a lot of people think that these two are similar, no they are totally different from each other. Before we go on how to choose the coffin or casket let us know the difference between these two types of funeral boxes. Because a lot of people think that there is only a difference between British and US English but no there is a real difference in the shapes and sizes of both coffins and caskets.



What is the best coffin or casket?

Now, you know the difference between both coffins and caskets. It is up to you to decide which fits your needs. But only these are not the only factors to consider their other factors to be considered as well. Below are the details of these factors. If you keep these factors in mind you will be able to get a better coffin or casket.


Factors to keep in mind while choosing a coffin or casket:

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a coffin or a casket:

  • You need to keep the price factor in mind and buy the one that suits your budget.
  • You need to decide what you want a coffin or a casket.
  • You need to keep in mind about the funeral if it is an open funeral or a closed funeral.
  • You need to keep measurements in the mind. You should know what the size is and buy accordingly.
  • You should also check the coffins that what content or material is used in them.
  • You can also check if it is environment friendly or not.
  • You can also think about the status, style, and personality, or personal choices of the person in mind as well.


What is a coffin?

Coffins are different from casket based on their shape. Coffins have a shape that is according to the shape of the human body, as they are narrow towards the head side and wide towards the shoulder and again narrow towards the foot as well. This shape makes them look very different from the casket. Coffins are generally smaller than the caskets in the size and they do not include much linen or velvet inside them. The main purpose of the coffin was to give a simple shape.


The second thing that set’s apart these two is that the coffins are made with different types of woods such as lumber, custom wood, composite board, solid wood, and enviro board and come in a variety of colors and shades. Coffins usually have six edges or corners, two on the head side and to on shoulders and two on the feet’s side. Coffins are in use for centuries and they have always been this way. You might have seen some of the coffins in lots of Hollywood movies. Coffins are also linked to the region; coffins are said to be British or European.


What is a casket?

Caskets are like the coffins, in terms of their function and different from them in terms of their shape. If you are in America, and you saw a funeral that must be a casket, not a coffin. The casket has a rectangular shape and only four corners. They have a different size in the upper lid and lower base. The upper lid is wider than the lower.  Also, caskets can be fully open or half-open based on the type of funeral.


Unlike coffins, caskets are decorated from the inside as well. They are also considered a sign of luxury. Inside the casket, the use of velvet is very common. They are more stylish and have more designs on them then the coffins.


Are they the same or different?

They are the same in terms of their function, they both are for the burials, but their shape and design have differences. Below are a few differences.

  • A coffin has six sides or corners while a casket only has four.
  • A coffin has a lid that cannot be half removed, caskets have full and half opening lids.
  • A coffin is mostly used in Europe while the casket is mostly seen in America.
  • Coffin’s size and design are different than the casket.
  • Coffins are a historic way of burial, and the caskets are a new one.
  • Coffins are simpler than the caskets.
  • Most of the time coffins do not have velvet or any type of clothing inside but caskets are decorated internally as well.
  • Caskets are modern and more stylish than coffins.


Different materials used in coffins and caskets:

  • Coffins are mostly wooden and sometimes are also made of the cardboard and sometimes steel.
  • Coffins mostly do not contain anything for inside decorations but sometimes they also contain velvet inside them.
  • Caskets are also made of wood and cardboards. Caskets are also made with greenwood such as bamboo sticks.
  • Caskets have an internal layer of the linen or velvet.



Choosing a coffin or a casket should be based on some factors such as price and budgets, design, and type of funeral. In Singapore, the use of both coffins and caskets is equally common. People use both for funeral purposes. Caskets have some advantages over the coffins and coffins also have some advantages over caskets. You need to consider all the factors I mentioned above in the article to get what you want in terms of the funeral. When it comes to luxury them a casket is more luxurious and expensive, and coffins are comparatively simpler and more classic and vintage. Whatever you decide to pick for your loved ones or for yourself, just keep this in mind that this will be the last memory and it should be a memory of that person.

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