When a loved one dies, you have to call and meet with the funeral home in order to begin the necessary funeral arrangements. In the said meeting, expect that the staff at the funeral home will welcome you courteously, knowing that it is a difficult moment to grieve for the passing away of a loved and still face the stressful part of making decisions. Initially, details like the deceased person’s name, date of birth, and date of death are asked. In addition, the staff has to know if there is already a pronouncement of death and where to pick up the deceased person’s remains. After the call, a meeting for the funeral arrangement has to be done with the funeral director. Here are the things to do in the meeting:


  • Present the Necessary Documents

During the meeting, the funeral director or the staff has to ask for the legal documents. It will be impossible for the funeral home to make the arrangement if legal documents are not properly furnished. You will be asked to provide the deceased person’s birth certificate, death certificate, prearrangement documents for the funeral service, and legal documents from the lawyer regarding the wishes and requests for the funeral.


  • Let the Designated Person Discuss the Arrangement

The one who is legally responsible to make any funeral arrangements at the funeral home is the immediate family. It could be the legal spouse or partner, one of the children, the parents, one of the siblings, or the parent of the minor child. The family has to appoint someone to make important decisions.

Another option responsible for the meeting is the person designated as written in the legal document. If there is a written Last Will and Testament, wherein a designated agent is the person responsible to do the arrangements, the funeral home has to honor it.


  • Present the Preplan or Prearrangement

One of the important things that the funeral home asks from the responsible person or designated person is the pre-made arrangement. The director may require the executor or the person assigned in the will to be present while the family makes decisions. This is to ensure that the wishes or requests of the deceased person are considered and granted.


  • Choose a Package

Unless stated on the Last Will and Testament or pre-arranged funeral plan, a funeral package has to be chosen. During the said meeting, expect that there will be different packages to be offered by the funeral director. Each package consists of different funeral services that you may want to avail of depending on budget or merchandise.

In choosing a package, it will be helpful to give considerations to the tradition and belief, or to the style of funeral service, whether the celebration of life or solemn funeral service.

A package usually includes funeral services. The funeral director will discuss the services in the plan pre-selected or arranged as stated in the documents. In case there is no pre-arrangement or plan made by the deceased person, you or your family will be the one to choose. Whether you want your loved one to have a funeral service to celebrate life or your family would rather have a solemn and private one to grieve peacefully, there are packages that will suit your needs.

In addition, the package may also include the arrangement for burial or for cremation and the ceremony to hold before the burial. The funeral director will also discuss the cemetery arrangements, which include the purchase of a gravesite or a property for internment of the urn.

Part of the package that the funeral director may discuss in the meeting is the arrangement for the viewing, for how long do you want it to last, how you want the transportation on internment, and what merchandise or product you want to avail for the burial.

The funeral director knows that there are things that you cannot provide answers to easily, especially during the time of grief. When you meet with the funeral home, you are free to make your choices based on priority or on what you and your family have agreed upon.


  • Get the Detailed Price List

After choosing a package, the funeral director has to provide a complete breakdown of the cost. You have the right to know the details of the package and the services and products inclusive of the price. Never hesitate to ask them for the breakdown of the prices.

It is expected that funerals are indeed expensive and that not all services and products included in a package can be afforded. Fortunately, some funeral homes offer financing plans to pay for the funeral expenses. Some government agencies and charitable institutions also provide financial assistance depending on circumstances and based on requirements. When you meet and discuss prices or funeral costs with the funeral director, do not forget to ask for information that may benefit you.

These are the following matters that you may want to discuss with the funeral home when you meet. It does not matter if you are not yet fully decided, but allowing a reliable company to begin the funeral process as soon as possible is the right thing to do. It is an advantage to ask for assistance from experts, especially when you are emotionally devastated because of the passing away of a loved one. A funeral director is a right person to help you as you make important decisions regarding the funerals.

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