Funerals are proper acts carried out with utmost care in the proper way. The funeral industry calls these pre-funeral financial and management arrangements as Prearrangement or Preneed. The arrangements of the funeral of your beloved ones can be cited as per your wish, only if you already have a plan ready to be executed. Singapore provides funeral insurances to those families that are in need of pre-financing those funerals.

The growth of the market providing goods and services for prearranged funerals is increasing. There is increased use of these services after the promotion by the related industry people on an extensive level. The market is flooded by the ‘preneed associations’, “for-profit cremation societies”, and many insurance companies that keep on advertising preneed plan importance. In such a scenario, Singaporean consumers must also be well aware of choosing the right option and identifying the frauds.


Funeral insurance in Singapore

The cost of funerals is unexpectedly high, to which special insurance policies are made. These policies are payable upon death and provide a twelve months cover only for accidental deaths. These policies might not cost a lot in the present, but later get a premium hike, which is accumulated by your increasing age. Thus, taking these policies must come after a proper understanding of the insurance details and terms.

For instance, if the deposited insurance amount withdrawal at the age of 60 is $6,000, the premiums added on the returns till the age of 75 might end up becoming a value more than the profit value. In case, if you lived till the age of 90, there are high chances of your premium value falling in the range of $64000- $84000.

It’s important that the people are encouraged to explore all the options before they choose a pre-finance plan for themselves. We recommend you do a self-research beforehand rather than blindly trusting any Singapore funeral company.


Finding the right funeral arranger in Singapore

The majority of people don’t have any prior knowledge and experience when it comes to making arrangements for these funerals. There are many Funeral Directors in Singapore. Their job is to help you choose a funeral plan among a range of services provided by them to ensure a funeral is carried out with dignity and professional arrangement.

The Funeral Directors understand the importance of funerals for the deceased and their families. They leave no stone unturned in carrying out a funeral exactly as per the desire of the deceased’s family.


Pre-paid Insurance policies for funerals

Before the funeral, families and Funeral Directors come along to decide regarding the requirements and the services needed for having Pre-Paid Funerals. These funerals are paid in advance for future dates. No matter how much the price changes in the future, the cost of a funeral never changes.

The options of payment plan and one-time payment are given for the pre-paid funeral payments. Families are instructed to get a contract for a pre-paid funeral in Singapore and ensure advance arrangements are done properly. The copies of contracts of Pre-Paid funerals should be shared with the family or properly attested with crucial documents like a will, etc.


Advantages of opting-in for a Pre-Paid plan for Funeral:

Your family can be protected from the unnecessary last moment emotional stress during making funeral-related decisions.

  • The financial burden will be lifted off your family’s head.
  • Choosing to buy Pre-Paid funeral plans in the present can save you from overpaying later in life in Singapore.
  • Your intentions and well-being wishes for your family are executed properly.
  • You can have reassurance by Pre-paying for the funeral plans earlier.
  • The pre-paid funeral plan amount remains free from income, assets, or earning checks. Instead, these plans will prove helpful in getting the most out of pension benefits.


Special bonds for funerals in Singapore

In Singapore, there is a provision of Funeral bonds which involve money investment meant for covering the gradual funeral expenses. These bonds can only be used for funeral expenditures and are payable at the death of the concerned person.

Backed up by monetary guarantee, Funeral Bonds are considered fool-proof investments. Also, these bonds are much flexible in terms of applicability at different locations. There is an upper limit to the amount for investment in Singapore funeral bonds. These Bonds are also indexed every year. You can get further information on these bonds from a funeral director.


 Funeral Bond’s Advantages in Singapore:

  • There isn’t any particular entry or withdrawal fee.
  • The veterans and social security holders are exempted from the governmental checks for availing additional benefits on the funeral bond investment. The status of your personal income tax score doesn’t get affected by the additional profits you earn out of the funeral bond investment.
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