Losing a family member, a dear friend, a lifelong partner or a son or daughter is hard enough to easily cope up. The gift of flowers can be helpful to bring comfort and to soothe the grieving soul. A sympathy Flower is a gift to send when you can’t find the right words to say your condolences and sympathy. Most Florist will help you choose the right sympathy flowers for the message you want to convey. In line with sending or giving sympathy flowers, do you know when is the right time to send a hand bouquet or a special flower arrangement for this purpose? Here’s what the florist in Singapore says:

  • Give the Sympathy Flowers Once You Heard the Sad News

According to expert florists, it is appropriate to send sympathy flowers right after hearing about the sad news. You don’t have to wait for the burial before you let the family know that you sympathize with them as they grieve over the death of a loved one. It is good that the florist has same-day flower delivery of flowers and plants for this situation. You can also send sympathy plants to the funeral. Plants can be brought home to grow and nurture by the family after the burial as a memorial of the deceased person.

  • Give the Sympathy Flower Arrangement to the Funeral on Your Visit

As you visit the wake at the funeral, you can bring sympathy altar flower arrangements to pay your last respect to the deceased person or to convey your condolences to the bereaved family. According to the florists, it is important to choose a higher-end floral arrangement for sympathy flowers when you choose to bring it to the funeral. Let the florist help you with the right design to convey your sincere thoughts and sentiments to the family.

  • Give the Sympathy Flowers after the Burial

If you want to comfort them and to convey your deep sympathy, you may choose to give sympathy flowers a few days after the burial. Sending late sympathy flowers is acceptable, and you can even add a basket of gifts like fruits and gourmets to the family to let them know you care. With your Flower Delivery of fresh flowers paired with special gifts, you can show and express your sentiments to your friend and family. This will let them know that you care for them.

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