Flowers are used on many occasions to show love and appreciation to someone. With their vibrant colors, one can use flowers to send a positive message. Through many years, flowers are always appreciated by almost everyone. But did you know that flowers can also mean sorrow and mourning? If a friend or a relative dies, it is just right to offer them flowers to show your concern and condolences to the bereaved family.

For you to show this, you must know which flowers are the most fitting for the sad occasion. Not all flowers symbolize sorrow and mourning so it is important to research or ask a florist first before proceeding to purchase. We have listed down several flowers you may choose that express such:


  1. Lilies

Lilies are one of the most popular flower options for a funeral. Mainly because of their simplicity and aura, lilies give off a spirit of peace and serenity that makes it a great flower to support the bereaved family’s recovery. Lilies also have a symbolism that the departed person has already transitioned to a phase of innocence. Lilies have several colors and kinds as well and they all have their own symbolism. Be careful in choosing as it might give off a different message than you want to portray. White lilies are the most popular option as they look peaceful and inviting. On the other hand, stargazer lilies symbolize sympathy and deep condolences – a perfect choice if you have a friend or a colleague that died and you want to express your sorrow to the bereaved family. Lastly, oriental lilies symbolize eternity which is great for all kinds of commemoration activities for the departed. Lilies are your best bet if you want to express peace, sympathy, and condolences.


  1. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums or more often called as mums, is a great choice as decoration during funerals. Their abundant petals that grow bigger as it goes out of the center is very ethereal and beautiful. Mums are mainly used in most funerals however, they signify varying meanings depending on the country or region. In Korea, China, and Japan, mums displayed in funerals signify grief and mourning. In some countries in Europe, displaying mums are only found in graves and funeral and nowhere else. However, mums are treated differently in the United States of America. They consider mums as a symbol of truth and ironically represents a more cheerful environment.

Nevertheless, mums grow almost anywhere and is a popular choice in funerals and usually signify death, mourning, and grief. They come in a variety of colors and sizes which can really create a colorful and elaborate arrangement. You may also opt for the classic white color to signify peace and simplicity.


  1. Roses

Roses are known to be the flowers of love. Usually, they are given out to show and express love and affection to a significant other. But did you know roses can also signify mourning and can also be given to the bereaved family or as an offering to the dead? Their simple yet very beautiful bloom can be a great addition to an existing flower arrangement and will give more depth and variety to it. Since roses come in a lot of colors, you may express your thoughts through them. White roses signify humility, youthfulness, and veneration. You may add this to a white flower arrangement to give it some variation in texture. Red roses, even if they are usually given during Valentine’s Day, can also mean deep grief and sadness on the other hand. Yellow roses usually mean friendship and bond and giving them to a deceased friend is a great choice to show your condolences and reminisce the good times you have had with him or her. Finally, if you want to show your endless love to a deceased person, choosing a flower arrangement with only a single rose in it can get that message across.


  1. Orchids

Orchids, among other flowers, show off their one of a kind blooms in a way where it is beautiful but also serene and simple. As it is popular among many occasions, orchids are very long lasting which makes them a great choice for long funerals. Orchids can also signify the birth of a new beginning for the bereaved. If you want to show your sentiments, you may opt for the different colors and types of orchids available in the market. As for their long-lasting blooms, orchid may signify endless love and affection. Pink and white orchids are often found in funerals and are great choices in as they show appreciation and tranquility.


  1. Carnations

If you believe in the afterlife, you may also say you believe in reincarnation. Perhaps this next flower can signify the same as its name was derived from the same word. Carnation came from the word “incarnation” which in Latin means God in the flesh. Having said this, if you are going to visit a funeral where the bereaved family is very religious in Catholic respect, you may choose to offer carnations. In general terms, carnations mean that you are with the family as they go through these tough times. Since Carnations are mostly given to mothers during Mother’s Day, if the deceased was a mother, you may choose to offer carnations as a sign of your condolences and appreciation to the life they fruitfully lived.

If you are going to a funeral or want to decorate someone’s funeral, the flowers above are a great choice to start with. Just remember that you must give off a symbol of appreciation, concern, and condolences to the deceased and his or her bereaved family. Flowers are very versatile, and you may give them on any occasion. However, in this unfortunate instance, it pays to research which flowers are suited for this occasion and how to present them as well. Remember, white is the generic color in funerals so if you come close to getting one, go grab it and have your florist arrange it for you.

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