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It has been the tradition for many years to give flowers at funerals. By the changing time, new traditions have also taken their place. Now it is very common to give other things instead of flowers to the family of the bereaved at funerals. This is a kind gesture for the family and they feel loved and cared for by the friends and relatives at their difficult time. There are many options for you to give to the family of the deceased to show your sentiments and good gestures to them. Flowers are though widely accepted and look beautiful but these are easily dying and cannot be kept for a long period while other gifts are long-lasting and can accompany the family of the deceased for a long period and can be remembered. Here we have discussed some other options which you can choose as a memorial donation or gift for your friends or relatives.


Monetary Donation

A monetary donation is an excessively used method to pay your respect and tribute to the deceased and this is a very good and helpful way for the family of the deceased. In this way you can help the family in the arrangements of funerals and wakes. There is not any fixed amount to pay in this regard. You can pay as much as you want. It mostly depends on your pocket or your relationship with the deceased or with his family. Generally, $10 is considered to be enough.



Candles are commonly used on funerals especially on the funeral of Christians. So this can also be a good choice to present to the family of the deceased at the funeral. You can find very beautiful and well-decorated candles in the market which are specially prepared for funerals. You can attach your condolence message with the candles to show your grief.


Potted Plants

Flower arrangements are died very soon and cannot be preserved for a long period. Considering this limitation you can choose potted plants for the family. This will be a very nice and decent way. These potted plants will be easily kept and saved for a long period. These potted plants are happily accepted by the families of the deceased and they will love to have and keep them. So you can choose any beautiful plant for this purpose.


Food Items

You can cook delicious and yummy dishes for your loved ones. This will be a beautiful gesture from your side to prepare yummy food by yourself. These food items can be served to the guests by the family or they can preserve them so that they can eat them by heating them. Funerals are hectic for the family of the deceased. They do not get time for rest. They have to wake up for nights in the state of grief and agony. This is a really difficult time for the family. In this hard time, you can support them and show them your concern and affection by making food for them so that if they are so much tired that they cannot prepare food for themselves, they can eat that food which you have prepared for them.



Books are always a beautiful and special gift for everyone on every occasion. These are called the best companion. When there is no one with you, books can be proved best companion and can stay with you forever. So in funerals you can select any good book for the family as a gift.



Blankets, pillows, or comforters are also considered an ideal gift at funerals because these can show your concern for the family. These gifts can be useful for the family. They can use them for themselves or can offer to the guests.



Toys are mostly given at the deaths of children. In toys, you can choose stuff toys to give. These stuff toys can be given as they are or can be attached to the bouquet.



Jewelry is another decent and beautiful gift at funerals. You can choose any type of jewelry including earrings, bangles of bracelets. If you choose only a simple bracelet, it will be a more suitable and decent way to express your love and affection for the deceased as well as for his family. You can select any simple and decent bracelet and can get the name of the deceased engraved on it.


E-Cards And Gift Vouchers

Different websites offer e-cards and e-vouchers as funeral gifts. You can select any good card and accompany it with any gift voucher which is another to help the family of the departed soul. This is a type of monetary gift as they can use these gift vouchers to choose anything of their own choice.


Painting Or Collage

 you can give the painting of the portrait of the deceased to the family. This will be a precious and beautiful gift for them which will be very close to their hearts. It is a long-lasting gift that will remain with them for many years. If you have a good collection of the pictures of the deceased, you can prepare a collage of his pictures for his family. This will be a surprise treat for the family and they will love it.

On the whole giving, anything at funerals means a lot to the family of the deceased. Things do not matter much, these are your feelings, emotions, and sentiments which are more precious and valuable for them. Either it could be flowers or any other thing of many choices which you can present of funerals but the main thing is your gestures. Your presence and your words to console the family in their big loss. For this purpose, you should always attach a note of condolence with the gift whatever it is. Write your sympathy message on a piece of paper to show your concern for the family that you are with them in their difficult time and you can understand their grief. This will be a way to share their grief and o provide them some relief.

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