The loss of a husband is one of the major devastating losses for a woman. This is one of the biggest adjustments in the life that a woman has to make. According to the experts, this type of loss takes almost three years or often much longer to overcome the grief as the wife has memories in every part of her and her life. The wife is accustomed to the continuous presence of her husband. Every time when a woman enters her house the loneliness reminds her of her husband’s greeting. When she has some good news, she feels alone because she can’t share it with her husband. When she has bad news, she feels helpless. The grief over the loss of husband become more because of these minor losses. As your husband was always with you this feels keep you in grief for a long time and it becomes difficult for the woman to overcome this loss. Some people stuck in their old routine the woman unconsciously set the table for two, picking up the mobile to call him. According to the experts, all these things are natural and can be expected.


Sometimes woman remains in grief for so long that this grief and stress begin to damage her own health. Depression and anxiety will come over you and scratch your mind and keep you in the hurting and sad memories and it will become difficult for you to overcome the situation.

The wife should have to deal with these feelings of the loss to get back properly on the journey of her life. Obviously, this would be hard for the woman as she dreams to live and enjoy her whole life with her husband and to fulfill her all wishes with her husband by her side. Some people overcome the grief of this loss soon, but some people take a much longer time, and some become stuck in this grief. As time passes the grief will begin to lessen but the feeling of missing may not go out of your mind.


Ways to Overcome the Greif:

There are many ways to overcome the grief of the loss of your husband. If you feel too depressed because of your loss it is extremely necessary to find help to get yourself out of this stress. The major support in this regard will be of your friends and your close family members. In the beginning, talking about the husband with your friend is good and when you will repeat meeting your friend you will come to the point when you will begin to talk about yourself, about herself, about your other friends then you will begin to remember the jokes and happy memories with your friends and this will help you a lot to overcome over the grief.


Greif Counseling:

Grief counseling makes it easier for some women to overcome their sorrow. By talking to a therapist or to a grief counselor will support you to accept the death of your husband and the therapist or counselor will encourage you to start and new life and welcome the rising sun with a happy face. You will find support to leave the dark shadows of your grief behind and start walking with a confident and joyful life with the other things that you have, or you are blessed with. In some of the countries, there are also support group present which help people to overcome the loss of them by talking to each other or by supporting each other.

It is necessary to take good care of yourself. Many women think that grief is only an emotional thing, but the consistent grief will affect the women physically too. This stress and sorrow can make you sick. The woman should have to eat well, sleep well, get back to your routine life, walk, read and do everything that can help you forget the sorrow and make you feel happy so that you can begin your life once again. You should accept help and invitation from your friends and family because it is good for you to overcome the grief of your husband’s death.


Spending time with kids:

If you have children think about them that they don’t deserve to be alone while their mother is alive. They have lost their father and at this time you are their only hope and support. They want you to talk to them to give them support and help them out. This process of overcoming the grief of husband and father take time but it will be more difficult if you and your children have to fight alone. You will have to support and children and this will unknowingly help to come out of the grief.


Many women who are suffering from this situation find peace in their faith or religion. Talking to religious people will help you find peace and reading spiritual texts and listening to spiritual music will make you feel relaxed and you will come to know that there are so many other things that you are blessed with and you should have to value those things.


Other solutions:

You should have to do things that normal people do or the things you used to do before the death of your spouse. To overcome this loss, you might:

  • Walk with your friend in the open air.
  • If you like animals adopt a pet.
  • Often visit a library.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Communicate with your friends and family.
  • Spend time as much as you can with your children.

As time passes and when you have both good days and bad days but when you see that there are more good days than the bad ones, you will be able to begin your life properly. Think that you must fulfill your husband’s desires and the dreams that he saw for you and for children. Think that he wanted you to be happy and enjoy life. These little motivations will encourage you to overcome the grief and live life to its fullest happiness and joy for you, for your children and for your husband because this will make his soul rest in peace.

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